Wash windows with a squeegee for sparkling, streak-free results. Start at an upper corner and pull the squeegee in a straight stroke, wiping the blade clean after each pass.

If you prefer not to use ammonia, consider using a glass cleaner that contains vinegar or other natural ingredients. Most cleaners come in a spray bottle; foam and pre-moistened wipes are also available. This is a fantastic article to read.

Clean the Frames

Before you begin cleaning the windows, be sure to wipe down the frames. Wooden frames are prone to moisture, which can cause the wood to swell or warp. Use a cloth or towel to gently scrub the frames, and then immediately dry them. This prevents water from trickling down on your clean windows and causing streaks.

Vinyl frames are usually safe to clean with soapy water, but you can also use a non-detergent vinegar solution or another mild cleaning product. Mix three parts distilled white vinegar with seven parts water to create the ideal solution for cleaning vinyl windows.

Make smooth passes with the squeegee, starting at the top corner and working your way down. Wipe the squeegee with a lint-free cloth between swipes to minimize drip marks. Lastly, be sure to wipe down the sill and the baseboards to remove any remaining grime that could contaminate your finished window. For best results, be sure to rinse and dry the frame before painting.

Clean the Screens

If your window screens are especially dirty, remove them and wash them in hot, soapy water (and a non-scratch brush or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment) before reattaching them. If you have hard water stains, try using a solution of equal parts vinegar and water to loosen them up.

After wiping your windows clean, rub a dry microfiber cloth over them to buff out any solution residue and prevent unsightly streaks. This is particularly important on exterior upper-floor windows that can be difficult to reach.

You may also want to apply a small amount of a non-abrasive cleaner or solvent like mineral spirits to a clean, dry lint-free microfiber cloth and gently scrub any areas that need special attention. Avoid getting cleansers or solvents on the wood, fiberglass, or vinyl frames, as they may discolor them.

Use a Squeegee

A professional-grade squeegee makes the job much easier, but it’s a big investment. Make sure you get one with sharp rubber blades that are nick-free. When the blades are nicked or worn, they leave streaks on the window. Change out the blades when you notice this happening, or at least once every 15 hours of use.

Wet (but don’t drench) a lint-free microfiber cloth, and then wipe the frames and sills. Avoid using paper towels, which tend to shred and leave lint behind. Instead, try Casabella Microfiber Glass Cloths, which have a honeycomb texture to nab water spots and smudges without scratching.

Start at the upper corner of a pane and pull the squeegee across. Overlap slightly with each stroke. This helps minimize streaks and ensures that you’ve removed all the cleaners from the window. When you’re done, inspect the windows from several angles to make sure there are no streaks left behind. If you do find streaks, buff them away with the dry portion of the microfiber cloth.

Dry the Windows

When washing windows, it’s best to work on a cool, cloudy day so that the soap and window cleaning solution doesn’t dry on your glass too quickly. Keep a bucket of clean water and a sponge near where you’re working, so that you can rinse your windows as necessary.

If there is any residue left on the surface of your glass, you can use a scraper. For sticky residue, push the scraper in a sickle-like pattern from top to bottom to remove it without scratching the glass.

Afterward, wipe the window with a dry, lint-free cloth, preferably one made of microfiber, to prevent streaks. Also, wipe away any moisture that may have spilled or dripped on the frame and sills. Discover more interesting articles.

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